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Heartshaped Clothing: A love story fashioned into a Dad-hat

By: Tommy Felts - Startland News  

"Corey Reed’s wife opened his heart to true love, he said.

Love of God, community, creativity and family.

The revelation didn’t just inspire Reed’s Heartshaped Clothing line, it allowed him to recognize and appreciate the gifts and sacrifices of his faith and those around him, like his parents, who adopted him at birth, he said.  “To take someone who they didn’t birth, and treat them as their own, that was so significant,” Reed said. “God’s hand is in a lot of things. Seeing His love for me, to even put me into a situation like that … It wasn’t like I was adopted to people with money or anything like that, but it was rich in love, beyond the cliche. Looking back, I see nothing but true, organic, unadulterated love.”

Reed and his wife, Christle, try to bring that sentiment to life every day, they said. Through Heartshaped Clothing, they hope to spread their passion by tapping into Corey’s design talents.

“How can we take the creativity that we have, the real-life love, and just put it into the art form of fashion and get it out to the masses?” Corey said. “We want to encourage people and allow that platform to be used to get into our community, support art and just love.” "

( Full article here : http://www.startlandnews.com/2017/10/heartshaped-clothing-love-story/ )